Top Ten

The list of the best at

To start of with: the list is not an order of precedence; it cannot be because many colas received the same grade. Thus we give a list in alphabetical order. Besides there are not exactly 10 entries! There are the best 9 colas, and then an additional 38 next best so far.

In order to create an order of precedence it would be necessary to have all colas for a direct comparison. This is by no means possible because some colas are no longer available or were aquired abroad. Hence no first, second etc. place.

There is nevertheless a winner: Coca-Cola Coke is after all that time still the absolute favourite - even after more than 900 colas!

The Best

The list of the best colas (grade 1 oder 1-, equivalent of 5 stars) contains interestingly colas from different categories, which are mentioned as well.


The Next Best

There were 38 also very good colas (grade 1-2, equivalent to 4-1/2 stars). We are particularly happy that apparently everywhere in the world good colas are appreciated and created!

26 classic colas (worldwide from the USA to Indien, Vietnam and Japan, from Schweden, Belgium and Switzerland to South Africa)

Coca-Cola Vanilla Coke (Germany 2003) as well as Pepsi Cherry Vanilla (USA 2019) - the best colas with vanilla aroma

followed by three "Dr" cola (Braum's Special, USA 2004; Dr Pepper Cherry, USA 2011, and Blue Sky Natural Soda Dr Becker, USA 2014)

and each a cherry and a fruit flavour cola (Piranja Cola Kirschgeschmack, Deutschland 2016; Dr Pepper dark berry, USA 2019)

the best coffee cola so far (fritz-kola Kola-Kaffee-Brause, Deutschland 2009)

and with special flavours (Stardrink Cola mit Haselnußgeschmack, Deutschland 2015; Coca-Cola Signature Mixtures No.03 Herbal; France 2020)

two spirit mixtures (Jack Daniels & Cola, Deutschland 2010, und Myclassic Rum & Cola, Manchester Drinks Co., UK 2018)

... but not a single diet cola!

What we would have liked to have spared ourselves: 28 colas were undrinkable ...