Grading of tests

How are the colas assessed?

We grade using German school marks (1 is very good or "A"; 6 is failed or "F"). The first mark is T's, the second one is K's. We don't average the marks to document possible variations in taste.

"1" (5 Sterne) we would recommend,
"2" (4 Sterne) we would drink,
"3" (3 Sterne) we can still imagine that someone might like it,
"4" (2 Sterne) we would, if necessary, drink to take in water, 
"5" (1 Stern) is virtually undrinkable,
"6" (only skulls) should be classified as poisonous.

And there is the world in between ...

Sometimes the categories' texts sound better than the marks. Why?

The mark reflects the general impression and is rather an intuitive assessment of the entire experience "cola". In contrast to tests, particularly in technical fields, we do not simply sum the points of different categories to yield a final verdict - particularly since we don't give points for each category. We recognise that a cola is not just the sum of its components.

The criteria offer rather a complex description of a cola that can explain the overal mark but do not define it mathematically. It is more important to which quality level a cola belongs. If an otherwise well-tasting cola produces a scratching in your throat, it's downgraded to at least 5!

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